Dean Radio supported Coleford Music Festival on the 13th & 14th July and if you were unable to attend we have a selection of interviews and music from the festival here. We will be adding more over the coming weeks.

Click Here for Audio and Photos of the weekend

Dave Jury Interviews Shooting the Crow "Paradise City" by Shootin the Crow   
Clive Southerton talks to Frankie Wesson at the St Johns Street Stage

Phil Meek Interviews Jonahs Lift "The Butter Fly" by Jonahs Lift   

Jan Gow Interviews Rusty Shackel, the headline for Saturday nights main stage "Moving On" by Rust Shackel   
Roy Bardo Interviews Adz King at the Newland Street Stage

Tom Ebdon Interviews Avigail Smith
Clive Southerton talks to Bob Hughes from the Forest Brothers

Jan O Neil is interviewed by Chris Arscott

Andy Tooze interviews Owen Hughes at the Acoustic Stage
Red Hot Riot who played the main stage are interviewed by Dave Jury and Roy Bardo

Phil Meek Interviews the Leader of the Samba Band as they opened the festival

In The Rough play and are interviewed by Clive Southerton
Phil Meek Interviews Viva La Bear

28 February 2021