Mike Longley’s trek into the crazy World ‘Entertainment’ began Easter weekend 1968 (53 Years ago)…People say he doesn’t look old enough believe me he does…

His march through those years would take up both sides of a postage stamp…..so we’ll make it look ‘Sexy’

From singing in a pop group in 1968 to Dean Radio present.

He’s Worked as compere/DJ The for Top Rank Organisation, Mecca’s Tiffany’s Gloucester, The Roundabout Gloucester . There are far to many other dives…sorry I mean Night Clubs around the Midlands.

Cotswold Hospital Radio in 1973 ish. Severn Sound Radio whooshed or was it wished him away from CHR!!! Anyway they kept him on-air for 10 years it was during his time at Severn Sound Radio that he won the first ever Sony Radio Award for best Local Radio personality. 1990 the Severn Bridge took him to Cardiff where for seven years he hosted Breakfast Shows, Mid-Morning Shows and Afternoon Shows for Touch AM/Red Dragon Radio….The GIANT broadcaster of the planet (according to ML) The BBC invited him to become Head of Music for BBC Radio Wales……after 17 years traveling to Cardiff from Gloucester it was time to leave and concentrate on his electro-magnet collection and his BBC Radio Shows on BBC Radio Gloucestershire…..Can’t keep the ‘old’ boy down……Began hosting Sunday 10am – midday show with Bad Boy Barnsey on Radio Winchcombe – 5 years Plus. Then Mike and Bad Boy Barnsey joined Dean Radio and now host the show …Open For Business (named before the phase became popular with recent events) -Sunday Mornings 10am – Midday.

Mike’s NEW show can be heard every Thursday evening at 9. He’ll be playing the Best of The Best hits from 1960’s and 1970’s……..

22 May 2022